SSE - Service Support Environment

SSE - Service Support Environment

The SSE provides an overarching infratructure available on the Internet, which is neutrally managed by ESA. It empowers service providers to deploy and deliver Web services easily. The services might be integrated directly into the SSE framework, or remain within the infrastructure of the service provider and get accessed using SSE's "Business Process Management (BPM)" platform. The different options minimize the necessary investment of services providers to make their services available to a broad community of potential users.

Supports SOA

SSE is optimized to allow to instantiate complex workflows of loosly coupled services. To achieve this goal, SSE supports the Service Oriented Architecture paradigm and the facilitates the integration of Web services. This approach allows to expose spatio-temporal functionalities in a modular fashion. The service provider decides which functionalities will be offered at the service level as individual Web services or got aggregated at a single interface. This approach fosters:

  • Development of reusable services
  • Avoids dublication of frequently used processing software
  • Allows combination of arbitrary services to business process ("Orchestration")

The following graphic illustrates a business process instantiated using internal and external web services on SSE.