The CAD/GIS/BIM thread aims to develop and demonstrate a framework of interoperability across the lifecycle of building and infrastructure investment involving design, construction, and operation and decommissioning. To achieve these goals requires cooperation and collaboration among a number of organizations and domains that include CAD, AEC, geospatial, 3D visualization and urban planning and simulation. These diverse and sometimes divergent interests pose challenges to achieve interoperability due to differences in terminology, information standards and modeling, scale of interest, and technical nature of the problems to be solved in each area. This CAD/GIS/BIM thread seeks to begin to solve those interoperability issues building on the groundwork that has already been laid by the CAD/GIS WG and its involvement with key organizations such as International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI), National Building Information Management (BIM) committee and vendors supporting the architecture, engineering and construction industry.

The CAD/GIS/BIM thread's activities will be focused in three general areas: - Information Models and Encodings - Services-based Interoperability - Applications and Demonstrations

This work on information models and services will develop or extend existing OGC web services to allow storage, retrieval and coordinated use of CityGML for larger-view exploitation combined with Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs) for details using building elements such as floors, walls, doors, windows, ventilation, plumbing and electrical infrastructure. These objectives will require development of GML application schemas based on CityGML and IFCs to allow interoperable access and use of these data sources with an integrated and lightweight client for visualization and exploitation along with geospatial and 3D CAD data. Furthermore, these data must be converted to a common coordinate reference system for use in a CAD/GIS client.