The Federated Earth Observation Missions (FedEO) Pilot

FedEO Pilot Engineering Report

This document was developed during the FedEO - GEO AIP initiative of the OGC. The report edited by Corentin Guillo, EADS Astrium, published 2008-01-21, describes contributions by the organizations involved in the Earth Observation and Natural Resources and Environment Domain Working Group (EO/NRE DWG) in the OGC Specification Program. The document describes recommendation for architecture and specification that enables interoperability


The Federated Earth Observation Missions (FedEO) Pilot is a collaborative, open standards development, supporting collective requirements of governments with the knowledge and capabilities of academic, commercial, and non-commercial solutions providers. This pilot is sponsored by ESA, the European Space Agency.

The Federated Earth Observation Missions (FedEO) Pilot will provide a broad international venue for operational prototyping and demonstration of Earth Observation (EO) requirements as defined by the European Space Agency (ESA) and by other OGC members. The FedEO Pilot will apply and refine OGC specifications relevant to EO. The FedEO Pilot will test and validate OGC specifications in a business context, and will provide feedback regarding their ability to improve access to and application of earth observation data and services. Among other aspects, the FedEO Pilot will build on the experiences made with workflow description and execution in interoperable environments as performed as apart of the last major Testbed OGC Web Service Interoperability Program phase 4 (OWS-4 Workflows).

FedEO Architecture

The FedEO Architecture is described following the slightly modified RM-ODP approach. It is described from the Enterprise, Information, Service, Engineering and Technology Viewpoint. The full description of the architecture can be found in Annex B of the Call for Participation, available online here. A short summary is available on the next page.

Service Support Environment

Workflows will be developed using ESA's Service Support Environment, SSE. The SSE provides an overarching infrastructure available on the Internet, which is neutrally managed by ESA. It empowers service providers to deploy and deliver Web services easily. The services might be integrated directly into the SSE framework, or remain within the infrastructure of the service provider and get accessed using SSE's "Business Process Management (BPM)" platform. The different options minimize the necessary investment of services providers to make their services available to a broad community of potential users. Further information about the Service Support Environment can be found here.

Kick-off Meeting

The kick off meeting occured at ESA/ESRIN facilities, Frascati, Italy, on June 5th and 6th.