AIP-8 Deep Dives

Deep-Dives: in depth technological sessions (1hr) on specific standards-based technology, that is of use for Earth observation:

Deep Dives recordings:

  • April 14:  video, ppt, Exploiting cloud Infrastructure delivery models, Robert Jenkins
  • April 21:  video, ppt, video, ppt, DAB API’s, Mattia Santoro
  • May 12:  video, ppt, Spatio-temporal coverage world, Peter Baumann
  • May 19:  video, ppt, video, ppt, Access federation, Andreas Matheus
  • June 2: video, ppt, Sensor Web Enablement, Lionel Menard
  • June 23: video, ppt, Tethys Platform, Cyber-Infrastructure for water resources web applications, Jim Nelson and David Arctur
  • July 14: video, ppt, WPS in the COBWEB project (WPS chaining, orchestration and use of WPS in BPMN for QA and Conflation), Sam Meek
  • July 28: video, ppt, Capacity Building, Lucia Lovison
  • Aug 4: video, ppt, Standard-based time-series data access and geoprocessing services (WPS) for individual Earth cover change detection within the “Earth Observation Monitor” with Jonas Eberle (Uni Jena).
  • Aug 11: video, SWE Profile for Citizen Science, Ingo Simonis and Bart De Lathouwer
  • Sep 8: video, ppt Farm-Oriented Open Data in Europe by Karel Charvat
  • Sep 22: video, ppt Table Join Service (TJS) by Tomaz Zagar
  • Oct 6: video, ppt Use of Metadata and Catalogs for in-situ observations by María Arias de Reyna Domínguez
  • Oct 19: video, ppt NASA Surface meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) by Paul Stackhouse and Jason Barnett
  • Oct 27: video, ppt Community Portal interaction with GEOSS and Data Sharing and the new Work Programme (Ken McDonald & Steve Browdy)
  • Nov 3: video, ppt Geospatial User Feedback by Joan Masó Pau