9 Dec 2014


Present: Lucia Lovison, Steve
Browdy, David Arctur, Ben Burford, Bart


Issue the CfP Jan 15


Citizen Obs meeting Brussels:

Profile for Citizen Science”

David: ‘SWE Common XML’ used by IOOS (multiple
variable per sensor) (Ingo will look into this)


Steve: SSO?

Bart: authentication and access to service, not

Bart: support by WeSenseIt (3Y), COBWEB &

Bart: WFS available, but with test data. Not
registered in GCI.

Bart: does GCI support ‘test’ services


Steve: all component providers provide test-bed
and operational services. Has not happened.

Steve: setup a test instance of the DAB in the
cloud for testing purposes?

Steve: incl. configuration tools (broker has test
client) – not portal or clearinghouse.

Bart: cost for deployment of extra DAB?

Steve: With projects

Steve: test the access’ers.

Steve: test the registration process with Stefano
in IN-03

Steve: can not deal with test instances.


/ David

Water ER – not started yet, will work in it this

AIP-8: continue on flood app

Expand of French and Taiwan.

Flood interop. Experiment extend WorldWide (all
elements to do that are in place) (accurate enough? Acceptable?)

Includes weather information – getting response team
in place in the right time based on model output.


Status of GRDC/JPCC/GEMS water quality db for
UNEP in Germany (Koblenz and Offenbach); status to be checked.


WaterML2 for flood prediction (flood apps)


AIP-8 Kickoff

Steve: side-event or breakout for GEO label
(adjacent to AIP-8 or slight overlap)


Science and Technology stakeholder workshop:



Steve: working on ER , ready by beginning of Jan.



Scalable system for big-Data analysis (raster
data) – incl. machine learning algorithms.

Bart: registrable in the GCI?

Ben: yes – producing actionable results – link
with Planet Labs (?)

Ben: other example is Sky Box Imaging – 2 of 15
sat launched (now google)

Bart: revisit


Building / Lucia:

Call tomorrow Dec 10 – AIP Capacity Building


More emphasis on best-practice wiki – input to ER

Mobile app / Latin America – continue on path
(good Latin American participation)

Using DAB system for registration in GCI (other?
Bart: topic in IIB)

Feedback from questionnaire (from users) – not
yet analyzed (runs till Jan) – what does the GEO user really need (Bart: link
to CPP).

GEOCAP in January (big part for next years AIP-8)


UN Ambassador to Ireland: setting post 2015
millennium goals for all countries (GEOSS should be involved) Bart: talk to
Barbara Ryan (GEO Sec)



- Continuation of AIP-7 (cross SBA, beyond visualization)

in-situ observations (from GEO-XI)

more explicit use of GEOSS datasets (beyond SBA silos)

- private sector involvement

- More focus on standards based interoperability
of the technical platforms and better share ideas (SmartPhone App and or
browser app)

- Liaise with technical topics: use metrics, security
and SSO

- Testing (plugfest)

- Tutorials and best
practices (incl AIP Capacity Building)


AOB: none