AIP-7 all hands

AIP Plenary All Hands – Sep 9th


On the call: Angelica Gutierrez, Eugene Yu,
Karel Charvat, Ken McDonald, mattia Santoro, Tomas Mildorf, Steve Browdy,
Lionel Menard, Lucia Lovison, Sophie Seeyave, David Arctur, Tiffani Orne, Jeff,
Lucia Lovison, Andreas Matheus, Patrick Bell, Jeff Ely, Nathan, Ben Burford,
Jesus Estrada, Stu Frye, Glenn Guenpel, Arne Berre, Bill Teng




  • Reporting on Technical activities and how this supports the Apps
    and SBA's (All)
  • Reporting on SBA (Disasters Management, Land, Oceans, Health,
    Water, Agriculture) - where are we, link with App Builders (All)
  • Community Portals (Ken McDonald, NOAA)
  • Guidance for App builders on how to use the GEOSS Discovery and
    Access Broker API’s (Mattia Santoro, CNR)
  • GEO XI, Libreville Gabon (Bart, OGC)
  • Questions and Answers - everything you wanted to know the GCI
     but were afraid to ask
  • AOB


Meeting notes:


Angelica (Water): App #1 dev (by NASA) Hydro system for IDEAM in Columbia. Basic
GUI, but lack map/location – NASA will help develop this (last 10 weeks).

All GIS work was done, calculation on
vulnerability (using ASTER data) based hydro models – next: include statistical
data (for next 10 weeks to finalize app)

Will include support for WaterML

IDEAM investigating Hydro server



Refactored app to talk to smart phone.

Open GeoSocial API: up and running – OS
license approval from NASA

Train SERVIR team on it


Bart: do you access the data from the GCI?

Angelica: access data directly, access to GCI
under investigation


Angelica App #2: Hydro server (WaterML)

Plan to have a meeting with 33 associations
providing data to app #1


Jim will participate in GEO Americas caucus
in Oct 9-10


David Arctur Water:

Not so much focus on App development – open
for help

Better integration amongst flood app

GLOFAS – may


Eugene Yu – Agriculture

Flood risk / flood loss assessment

Crop assessment indices App

Smartphone friendly online app accesses CSW
and WFS


David: use of WaterML for water level / time

Eugene: no, not at this stage. Can you point
me to the WaterML services?

David, Eugene: coordinate after call


All resources are registered in the GCI


Karel Charvat / Tomas Mildorf (SDI4Apps, SmartOpenData):

Hackathon in Latvia and


Bart: use of GEO

Karel: yes,
already harvesting GEOSS


New type of Apps
at the above Hackathon


Link to other
agriculture datasets


link up Eugene and Karel/ToMas

Bart: show at
GEO-Xi, Yes


Karel: consume
most OGC services, part of test to see if conversion to RDF (eg from EuroStat)


Hachathon (40-50)
– resumé will be made available

-> asses for


Lionel : interested in the DAB API


Lucia: Chili DM use case

App: monitoring of Tsunami, Earthquake,
elevation in volcanic area

Development of metadata

Will aim for app presentation at Geo-XI


Call for Meeting for Capacity Building! (week
of Sep 15)

Lucia: send out email invitation: pls join!

Populate Best Practice wiki

Link to Community Portal


Patrick Bell BGS

A bit struggling to engage with AIP-7

MySoil App – now on Europe, want to make WW

Include Agriculture dataset

MySoil datasets are WMS based (includes a
crowd sourced element – data delivery/collection)


Bart: Link with Eugene and

Karel: include links to MySoil for Open data


Bart: MySoil WMs datasets


Sophie (Placton identification –

Plankton Net datasets

INCOSE has access to server (database) and
build app (include access rights)

Matrix for identification (framework for the
app itself)

Put in proposal for H2020 to develop app


Steve (Data Sharing)

Finish SSO document – collect feedback


Arne: CITI-SENSE (and –MOB)

Air quality App – static and mobile and
citizen sensors

Objective: Apps available in October


Bart: will datasets be available

Arne: exposed through WFS


Bart: test datsets in GCI – make available to
selected groups

Steve: topic for AIP



Big Data analysis for EO for GEOSS

Investigating Apache SPARK


Jesus (SmartOpenData)

Project meeting this week – will know more
about apps

RDF resources in GCI


Ken McDonald CPP

Action: review the CPP and provide feedback


Mattia Santoro