AIP-6 8 oct

October 8


Ben Burford, David Arctur, Osamu Ochiai, Steve Browdy, Lucia
Lovison, Arne Berre


Showcase update (Bart)

OK for #4, work with #2




(Lucia) confusion on statistics (use metrics)

Where can we find the statistics?


(Steve) no officials statistics on resource use

Some numbers are available on resources in DAB – not
official and guestimate

Use Metrics will give a more official number (as part of
AIP-6 / AIP-7)

      Up to IN-03 on
how to make it operational


(Lucia) discussion on what parameters to consider


(Steve) work on in AIP-5, parameters defined (list shown and
approved by Data Sharing WG) update to that list to be considered by Data
Sharing WG.

Need to be careful on privacy issues (attributes/parameters)

Component would pull/push use parameters from GCI (no user names
or IP addresses)


List of current parameters here:


Recommendation document / tutorial from GCI Component
Providers (mandatory) and Data Provider on how to contribute (optional)


(Lucia) window to provide feedback about (use metric)

2 weeks for Data Sharing WG -> publish on AIP-6 twiki

feedback from December 1st (using twiki or email


(Bart) when to roll this out?


(Steve) no one step up for the moment. If no one picks this
up -> AIP-7


(Bart) who would implement this?


(Steve) not a big deal.


(Bart) Who do we reach out to?


(Steve) was mention in call (AIP-6), but no one picked up

Need to ‘hilight’ this in the AIP-7 call

Light-weight by EOY? (and point to in AIP-7 call)

It is important to have


(Lucia) Doug / ClearingHouse / FGDC would be prime candidate
to develop UI compoment for this.

Creators of DAB to implement use metrics server side


(Steve) These components have no UI and may not be the right
place . prefer to be a separate component. Given its nature, should be ‘owned’
by GEOSec


(Lucia) Some statistics are already collected. Don't think
GEOSec should ‘Own’ this. More guidance role for GeoSEC


(Steve) similar to Rik’s tool (
to see where we are on the GEO workplan


(Osamu) GEOSec is very interested in use metrics – will need
to take this offline


(Bart) Bart to provide template for ER to WG leaders


(Bart) Send out doodle poll again to group!


Update on SSO

Alva: might be SAML2 user accessing OpenID protected



Video taping from CITI-SENSE as samples (Bart will take to




Can’t hear you anymore – lets leave it here

Sorry for this!!!



Booth ministerial: AIP-6


Mobile client for DAB/GCI


(Lucia) Analysis of web services

Which data are we collecting

Use metrics are important – proof of benefit (justification
for time spend on GEOSS)w