Agust 27 AIP plenary

Present: Eugene Yu, Ben Burford, Steve Browdy, Bart De Lathouwer, Joan Maso

August 27 – AIP Plenary

(Bart) Showcase #4 (2 tracks, 1based on David's initial water draft, the other based on fishery village (Kerry))

(Ben) IIB call on Showcase #2

Confusing. AA: why under IIB?

If IIB is responsible, it choses content. Otherwise IIB not involved

Osamo on vacation (call next week for guidance on content)

No real idea on content – just go ahead

(Steve)  IIB responsible? If they
are responsible, do differently.

(not all topics in #2 did not belong there)


GEO Ministerial Summit

When do we want to have it?  Jan

Try for Jan 14 10:00 am -> Noon

(BDL) let GEOSec know!


(Steve) Not much to update. Short meeting
Contact at ESA (from Hervé) at ESA (Joost Van B. GEOWOW)
Next meeting next week

Awaiting confirmation from ESA, otherwise
discuss alternatives


(Bart) Client/Server Interop matrix Action
item to fill out email!!


(Ben) MoblScience: about to connect sensors
to mobile devices and connection to cloud (HADOOP) Looking for experience using
HADOOP for EO (sat. related). Question: how to I reach out to big data analysis
on big data. Looking for interest. Ben is talking to people in the valley (CA),
who is interested to join in. Via email lists (AIP, IIB).
Can use GEO newsletter?


Ask question -> SIF (headed by Steve
Browdy) via online form and koin the GCI-Research calls


(Ben) HDFS for observations (HADOOP
way)  (Interoperable? What std. spec.)

InSitu information, actionable – DM, AG, …
BigData analysis is needed for GEOSS


(AG) (Eugene) Discuss last week.
Uncertainty (see notes last week Aug 20)


(Joan) GMU has dynamic services that
produce dynamic maps.

Generate Metadata for these

Use GeoViQua to comment dynamically
generated maps (metadata – quality integrators)

Combine in GeoLabel (GeoViQua)

Feedback from user on quality from
dynamically generated maps

Script for Showcase progress:


(Capacity Building) (Lucia)

Chili: continue

Malaysia: GEOSS conference (Digital Earth)
presentation. Lucia helped.

Write article (for news letter for
ministerial, based on activities in Chili)

In general: (with Ben) which capabilities
should be available to the people (mobile) in GEOSS – Data (incl Observations,
Mobile users)

Integrate observations in GCI (see above

Discussing (in order to advance) in
showcase videos

(Ben) for showcase #2, (Bart) for #4 and #5