Aug 20 meeting notes

Present: Ben Burford, David Arctur, Eugene Yu, Steve Browdy, Bart De Lathouwer, Hervé Caumont, Espen Volden


- FGDC SSC update- Showcase #4 demo prep (put in AIP calendar)

- Update

Water update (David):

- Not to much to report on (vacation), meeting next week- David will talk to the subgroups (all is Green)     - working on demo script - no update from NASA yet


MoblScience (Ben)

- Not to much to report on (vacation)

Agriculture (Eugene)

- Joan Maso included in discussions- working "uncertainty part - uncertaintainty of measurement" for croploss -> intensity of uncertainty - demo script not yet discussed, but scheduled

Data Sharing (Steve)

- Not to much to report on (vacation)- Authentication SAML2 -> OpenID : not sure how to proceed on this     Option will be described in an upcoming document by Steve (not yet out)     A call will be setup to discuss with COBWEB (supplier of Authentication federation)

    (Hervé) Alternative path via HMA team (SpaceBel, ESA)      Hervé will provide names to Steve (Joost van Bemmelen GEOWOW, Yves Coins (SpaceBel), Pierre Gieorgio Marchetti (ESA)       (GEOWOW uses OpenID)


-  Espen will send Excom document with agenda of Jan 17.