AIP-6 Showcases

Dear Colleagues,

Preparations for the GEO Ministerial Summit in January 2014 have started under the coordination of a Ministerial Working Group (MIN-WG), set up by the GEO-IX Plenary.

The Summit is expected to endorse the continuation of GEO beyond 2015 and the MIN-WG believes that it will be important, highlighting within the Ministers’ program, a limited number of compelling themes or "showcases" as an effective way of communicating a clear message regarding the importance of GEO.

The MIN-WG has also determined that showcases should be highlighted in the form of short videos, as was the case for the Beijing Ministerial Summit in November 2010.  In this regard, they would like to identify them at their next meeting on 28-29 May 2013.

The number of showcases may vary depending on how the Ministers’ agenda develops, but there could be between 5 and 10 of them.

 We are, therefore, writing to you on behalf of the GEO MIN-WG to solicit your proposals for GEO achievements that would be showcased at the Geneva Ministerial Summit in January 2014.
 To support the MIN-WG timeline, the deadline for receiving your proposals here at the Secretariat will be 17 May 2013.

The proposals should be supported by descriptions, no longer than one page, and as requested by the MIN-WG, by the proposer’s commitment to develop the showcase under the guidance of the MIN-WG.

 We will reply to the proposers to communicate the results of the process and to agree, for the selected showcases, a course of action for their development.

 We would also like to inform you that these showcases will not be the only way to highlight GEO achievements and potential; an exhibition is being organized and the call for exhibitors will be published in the near future.
Attached please find:

·   the general criteria, developed by the MIN-WG, that should guide the preparation of your proposals,  and

· the preliminary timeline for showcase development and finalization

 Best regards,

 ---------------------- Barbara J. Ryan


Elements that showcases should highlight

  • A wide geographical scope (regional/global);

  • The connections with other international organizations, the contributions to global
    initiatives and programs, to major international goals and global assessments, with a
    preference for United Nations;

  • The links to high profile (political) issues of the day -- political relevance to policy

  • The strong future potential for GEO and GEOSS, building on achievements;

  • The user perspective, i.e. focus on services to decision-makers in different socio-

    economic benefit areas;

  • The key GEOSS features, such as ensuring access, filling gaps, adding value,
    reducing costs, integrating data;

  • The cross-cutting nature of GEOSS and GEO.

    Suggested format/content

  • Short video (no more than 3 minutes);

  • Show achievements;

  • Describe potential;

  • Testimonials - short interviews with, preferably, end users. 

Proposals in by May 17th


SBA Water

  • showcase A
  • showcase B 

SBA Energy

  • showcase A
  • showcase C 

SBA Health

  • showcase D

SBA Disasters Management / Agriculture

  • showcase A
  • showcase E
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