Analysis of AIP-6 Responses

Analysis of responses to the AIP-6 CFP is provided in the summary table below.  The CFP responses listed in the table are those received prior to the AIP-6 Kickoff response date of March 28, 2013.  This analysis will be used for planning the sessions at the AIP-6 Kickoff Workshop.  Defintion of the column headers is listed below.  

Responses to the AIP-6 CFP are listed below in the order in which they were received.


Column Headers:

  • SBA Topics
    • Dm = Disaster Management
    • He = Health
    • Wa = Water
    • En = Energy
    • Ag = Agriculture
    • Bd= Biodiversity
    • Cl - Climate
    • We = Weather
  •  In the SBA columns, these codes will be used to indicatie the contribution to the SBA:  
    • S = Societal Benefit Area Alignment and Support
    • C = Component and Service Contributions
    • A = Architecture and Interoperability Arrangement(Standards) Development, including Tutorials
  • Technical Topics  (P = Primary, C = Contributing)
    • Auth = User Authentication and Metrics 
    • Licen = Licenses for GEOSS Data-CORE
    • Qual = Quality Data Model for producers and consumers
    • Sema = Semantics 
    • GCI = GCI Research topics
    • Mobi = Mobile client applications
    • Sys = System architecture documentation, RM-ODP, Transverse Use Cases
    • Crowd = Crowdsourcing, Volunteered Geograpaphic Information
    • WaterML = WaterML encoding for hydrology based on GML and O&M.