WFS Simple - GetCapabilities operation


The GetCapabilites request is identical to WFS 1.1 HTTP GET.
Key Description Default

Mandatory? In WFS 1.1?
Service description operation. Value must be GetCapabilities.   Y Y



This conforms to the OGC common services specification for describing the capabilities of services. It differs from WFS 1.1 in that no FeatureTypeList section is needed. This sample document only lists a subset of the information a service provider can put in the ServiceIdentification and ServiceProvider sections of the capabilities document. For the full description, refer to the OWS Common suite of XML schema documents. Note that in WFS Simple it is valid to have plain XML as the output format for the GetFeature and DescribeFeatureType operations.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<wfsb:WFS_Simple_Capabilities version="1.0.0" updateSequence="0" xmlns=""
   xmlns:wfs="" xmlns:xsi="" 

   <Title>USGS KY climate data generator</Title>
   <Abstract>WFS Simple capabilities document for USGS KY climate data generator</Abstract>

   <ProviderName>Acme, Inc.</ProviderName>
      <PositionName>Geo Sys Admin</PositionName>
   <Operation name="GetCapabilities">
      <DCP><HTTP><Get xlink:href=""></Get></HTTP></DCP>
   <Operation name="GetFeature">
      <DCP><HTTP><Get xlink:href=""></Get></HTTP></DCP>
      <Parameter name="outputFormat">
   <Operation name="DescribeFeatureType">
      <DCP><HTTP><Get xlink:href=""></Get></HTTP></DCP>
      <Parameter name="outputFormat">