OpenGISessentals Book series

OpenGISessentials is the name of a series of books edited by Alexander Zipf, Jens Fitzke and Christine Andrae and published by Wichmann.

The books present and explain specification details in easily-read german language, they are richly illustrated and aim at a better knowledge of OGC standards.

We started in 2008 with a book on the geometry and topology basics contained in the OpenGIS Abstract Specification Topic 1 which is identical with ISO 19017 Spatial Schema.

In 2011 we published a book on Web Portrayal Services which covers in detail all operations and parameters of Web Mapping Services and throughly discusses Styled Layer Descriptor / Symbology Encoding Synthax. As part of many styling rules OpenGIS Filter syntax is also explained with several examples. The conceptional model for all this, defined in  ISO 19117, is introduced and explained. A short discussion on candidate specifications for 3D-visualization is included.

We hope to continue the series. Authors are welcome.

More information can be found in the wiki of the book series: