EOSPS tasking extension: where are the official schemas?

I'm trying to find the offical schemas related to the EO Satellite Tasking Extension for SPS 2.0 as detailed in OGC standard document OGC 10-135. In Annex B of this document it refers to the following schemas:

eosps.xsd spsRequestsExtensions.xsd eoTaskingExtensions.xsd getSensorAvailability.xsd submitSegmentByID.xsd validate.xsd

and states that they're located at http://schemas.opengis.net/eosps/2.0, but this link is dead. The doc also mentions they are included in a zip with the document but I can't find this anywhere on the OGC website. The schemas are also not present inside the full OGC schemas zip (at least that I can find!)

Where can I get these schemas from?

Many thanks,

Simon Harrison

Hi Simon, Sorry I didn't

Hi Simon,

Sorry I didn't check the thread that often.

I searched for this for quite a long time, and the only thing found was here: http://code.google.com/p/sensor-feasibility-server/

If you download the war file, the mentioned schemas can be found inside it. But I don't know "how official are them"I could not find any eoTaskingParameters.xsd... did you have any luck on it?

Enjoy it!

King regards,Alex