Conversion of NexRad - Level III - XML metadata to OGC/XML


We have NexRad Level III metadata in a XML format. We need to transform this to OGC/XML format. My questions are:


1. Were can I find the reference documents? 

2. Are there any examples that I can follow in transforming this file.


Any information or pointers are appreciated.




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Arun - I am not a Nexrad

Arun -

I am not a Nexrad expert, but taking a quick look at the Nexrad III spec (, the content looks to contain a considerable amount of sensor and obervation/measurement metadata. I would encourage you to consider the OGC SWE family of standards, such as Observations and Measurements, as a starting point. I do not know of any conversion capabilities. That siad, I would check with NOAA. Also, a search of Nexrad III, OGC, SWE provides a number of references that may be of use.

Is your organization an OGC Member?