Using GML

This document provides a tutorial and example for developing an GML application schema for a community:

OGC® OWS-5 ER: GSIP Schema Processing

The document contains a description of the schema tailoring process for application  schema development based on the U.S. National System for Geospatial Intelligence  (NSG)  GEOINT Structure Implementation Profile (GSIP) as developed in conjunction  with the Open Geospatial Consortium Interoperability Program initiatives OWS-4 and  OWS-5.

In particular it discusses:

  • Creation of ISO 19109 (Geographic information - Rules for application schema)  conformant Application Schemas in UML from in the GSIP, known as the NSG  Application Schema (NAS)
  • Derivation of GML Application Schemas using the ShapeChange UML-to-GML-  Application-Schema conversion tool 
  • Metadata describing GSIP-based application schemas to support their discovery and assessment using CSW 2.0 services based on the ebXML Registry Information Model