EncodedValuesPropertyType in sweCommon should have mixed="true"

EncodedValuesPropertyType in sweCommon is modeled as an extension of anyType that adds the AssociationAttributeGroup.

This EncodedValuesPropertyType is used as the type for the values element of the DataArrayType.

Because of this construct EncodedValuesPropertyType is a "elements only" complextype.

Therefor the supplied example in array_weather.xml is incorrect.

It uses the values element as a text element like so:

    <swe:values>        2009-02-10T10:42:56Z,25.4,1020        2009-02-10T10:43:06Z,25.3,1021        2009-02-10T10:44:16Z,25.3,1020        2009-02-10T10:45:26Z,25.4,1022        2009-02-10T10:46:36Z,25.4,1022    </swe:values>


while it should only contain elements, for example like :







But this seems to contradict the concept of the elementtype in the DataArray.

My suggestion would be to 1. either make EncodedValuesPropertyType a mixed type, or 2. not to extend anyType in such a manner.


Wim van Berkel

Wim,   xs:anyType supports



xs:anyType supports any content, see http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-0/#anyType


What you may have in mind could be the xs:any, which would indeed only allow element content. However, deriving EncodedValuesPropertyType from xs:anyType is correct, afaics.



Johannes Echterhoff

Carl Reed's picture

Wim - I will pass your

Wim -

I will pass your comment onto the O&M and SWE Common editors.

Also, if you feel that this isse warrants an official change request, you may submit one using the OGC on-line CR submission application.