Web Mapping Services Profile for Earth Observation Products

This Best Practice defines conventions for the Earth Observation (EO) community to use OGC Web Services. The objective of this work is to define how data providers can apply OGC Web Service standards in a “standard” way to ensure that the inventory level visualisation of EO data is carried out in a truly interoperable way.

The WMS configuration proposed in this profile is intended to support the interactive visualization and evaluation of Earth Observation (EO) data products. The profile describes a consistent Web Map Server (WMS) configuration that can be supported by any content providers (satellite operators, data distributors ...), most of whom have existing (and relatively complex) facilities for the management of these content. In addition, this profile is intended to compliment the EO Products Extension Package for ebRIM Profile of CSW 2.0 (OGC 06-131) by showing how WMS servers may be used to evaluate products identified through catalogue discovery prior to their ordering.


download (PDF): http://portal.opengeospatial.org/files/?artifact_id=30912