Specification documents and files

The WCS suite consists of the following normative documents:

  • WCS Core (current document version: 09-110r3)
  • extensions:
    • WCS Protocol Extension - GET/KVP (current document version: 09-146r1)
    • WCS Protocol Extension - POST/XML (current document version: 09-147r1)
    • WCS Protocol Extension - SOAP (current document version: 09-148r1)
    • WCS Extension - Transaction (current document version: 07-068r4)
    • WCS Extension - Processing (WCPS; current document version: 08-068r2 and 08-059r3); see also the OGC Network page on WCPS

Official releases of WCS specifications are available here:

Non-normative documents relevant for coverage handling in the wider sense:

Developer mailing list (open access, not limited to OGC members): wcs-dev@lists.opengeospatial.org


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