SOS Javascript Client

Hi all,

I have developed a Javascript SOS GetCapabilities and GetObservation based client based on jQuery 1.5 for a project in the IOOS/Ocean Science/Modeling arena. Both the source and quite a few working examples are available at:

This is not truly a generic parser but is aimed squarely at SWE 1.0 ( as implemented by the OOSTethsy project) and NOAA's IOOS DIF SOS formats which are being used by the NOAA IOOS program and it's regional partners.

The code is also available at the Google Code repository for the OOSTethys project at:

Eric Bridger

Gulf of Maine Research Institute -- Ocean Data Products

350 Commercial St.Portland, ME 04101

Hi Eric, are you aware that

Hi Eric,

are you aware that OpenLayers ( also has some code for this? Did you look at that option?

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Hi Bart, No I was not aware

Hi Bart,

No I was not aware of this.  Thanks for the tip.  I'll look into it.


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Eric - Excellent. Thanks for

Eric -

Excellent. Thanks for sharing this information. I am also going to tag this using Delicious as part of the OGC document catalog.