GML 3.2.1 Application Schema for Coverages

This standard, which has been developed jointly by the GML, WCS, and SWE groups, defines OGC's unified coverage model. GML serves both as conceptual model, ensuring a concisely defined semantics, and as one of many possible encoding formats. This way, coverages can be transported across different services, such as WCS, WCPS, WPS, and SOS.

These multi-dimensional, spatio-temporal coverages go beyond mere raster images and include point clouds, curvi­linear grids, general meshes, among others, while still remaining coherent with ISO 19123 / OGC Abstract Topic 6. The coverage model is suitable for general sensor, image, model, and statistics data in the Earth Sciences; examples include 1-D sensor time series, 2-D satellite image maps, 3-D x/y/t satellite image time series and x/y/z geological data, and 4-D x/y/z/t climate and ocean data; also higher-dimensional coverages, including non-spatio-temporal dimension axes, can be represented.