Ground Water Markup Language (GWML)

is a GML (Geography Markup Language) application to exchange
groundwater related information. It is an extension of another GML
application - GeoSciML - designed to exchange geoscience (essentially
geology) information (Duffy and Sen 2005). Therefore, GWML also borrows
from Observation and Measurements (O&M : OGC 07-022r1) and Sampling
Features (OGC 07-002r3) specifications. A more detailed list of
conformances is given below.

GWML's scope is
the geological aspect of groundwater, and technical details of wells
and groundwater measurements. It covers, amongst other aspects:

  • Aquifers and other kinds of Hydrogeologic Units
  • Water Quantity, Flow system, Reservoir and Budget.
  • Water Quality (natural quality), suspended, dissolved and colloidal content
  • Water Wells, wells components, such as screens and casing