Shp to Gml3.2.1

Hi to all,
I am planning to create a shp to gml3.2.1 conversion tool using java as desktop application.
Due to lack of knowledge in shp file.. please guide me on how to read shp file in able traverse it to convert as GML file.
1) what java library or classes needed to read a shp file.
2) an overview or idea on how to convert it as GML file.
Thanks a lot.

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Hi, you should consider

you should consider deegree as a uniform library for handling all aspects of geographic information systems, incl. reading shape files, providing OGC-compliant webservices and encodings (e.g. GML in various versions). Have a look at and get subscribed to the relevant mailing lists:
    * questions regarding installing and deploying deegree
    * questions on service configuration
    * to add code, supply patches etc
    * discuss future code developments

Hi Christian, I will

Hi Christian,
I will subscribe to Users and Developers mailing lists.
Due to my gml contents are mostly in Japanese characters, I will be particular with internationalization especially to support Japanese characters.
Thanks and regards

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I worked with the openmap API

I worked with the openmap API many years ago. It was pretty good so you should have good luck using it to read Shapefiles. OGR/GDAL is the newest and more widely used, but there's no Java API to that, so if you want Java, openmap is probably a good bet.

Thank you for reply. I've

Thank you for reply.
I've heard also about OGR/GDAL but like you've said I can't find the source that can read shape and obtain Geometry Information (e.g. Point, Polygon..etc..).
May I see some snippet on how to implement it using openMap?
Thanks and regards,
Tokyo, Japan

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Sorry I don't have any code.

Sorry I don't have any code. I never used the Shapefile reading part of this API. As Carl says, asking the Openmap developers list is the best idea.

then with regards to gml(xml)

then with regards to gml(xml) file generation... I am planning to use VTD-XML for java..
please share your thoughts..

i've found the openMap

i've found the openMap api..
it seems possible to read a shp and dbf, then extract the geometry information.
com.bbn.openmap.dataAccess.shape Package.
Please give more comments.

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Given the specific technical

Given the specific technical nature of your question, perhaps you should contact the OpenMap and GDAL communities. is open source so any code should be available. OpenMap contact list. - information on GML to Shape.

is gdal not a java

is gdal not a java implementation?

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No GDAL is

No GDAL is C/C++