Failure to parse GML 3.2.1 in python suds

I'm using a python class called suds inside to generate web service requests. Suds fails to work for a WSDL file that contains GML 3.2.1, because of a circular reference within gml.xsd.
1) The very first import of gml.xsd is to include dynamicFeature.xsd BEFORE importing deprecatedTypes.xsd
2) dynamicFeature.xsd includes feature.xsd
3) feature.xsd includes geometryAggregates.xsd
4) geometryAggregates.xsd includes geometryPrimitives.xsd
5) geometryPrimitives.xsd includes geometryBasic2d.xsd
6) geometryBasic2d.xsd includes measures.xsd
7) measures.xsd includes units.xsd
8) units.xsd includes dictionary.xsd
9) dictionary.xsd includes gmlBase.xsd
Inside gmlBase.xsd, the type AbstractGMLType is defined, and it includes a group StandardObjectProperties.
StandardObjectProperties has a sequence. The first element of the sequence is of type gml:metaDataProperty which is undefined, because the include of deprecatedTypes has not happened yet., because the import of deprecatedTypes only happens later in gml.xsd
Is there any way to resolved this, or that I can work around it?