OGC Cookbooks

OGC Cookbooks are free, online, easy-to-use
technical documents for developers, [url=http://www.opengeospatial.org/resource/cookbooks]available on this web page[/url].

See the OneGeology cookbooks. OneGeology's aim is to create dynamic digital geological map data for the world.





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Thanks Raj :) Plz can You

Thanks Raj :)

Plz can You help me to test the SWE standards like SOS, SPS,SAS,O&M ? some ones adviced me to use the Oostethys, others adviced me to use CITE!

I don't know which the difference between the two tests? and which is more suitable for my project!

Thnx for your prompt response.


Best Regards,


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I have never seen the

I have never seen the Oostethys compliance testss, so I can't really comment, but I think the Oostethys project has more tests than OGC's CITE program.