[GML File Validation Tool] How to validate a gml file?

I just joined the group and would like to explore open geo spatial
particularly with GML related.
I would like to create a validation tool for gml file..
1) validation against XSD,DTD file
2) validation of GML contents (geometric checking)
Please guide me on.

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Check out -

Check out - http://osgeo-org.1803224.n2.nabble.com/Schema-validation-against-GML-3-2-and-WFS-2-0-in-unit-tests-td5430966.html. May be helpful.

Hi Sir, I have created gml

Hi Sir, I have created gml document from arcmap shapefiles for roadnetwork , cityzones etc. It is not valid. how can i validate gml with gml schema?

is it generated from

is it generated from shapefile using arcmap?
if it is, contact the developer because don't have access to check it.
or you may use the GML Validator online here but it is not GML3.2.1 compliant.

if there is opensource

if there is opensource project that I may use as reference.. please add comment..