OGC certification for Geoserver

Hi All,
I am new to GIS domain and really need your help regarding GIS standards.
As i am planning to Suggest Geoserver(as it is opensource) to my manager for GIS application but my concern is that as per my company policy the GIS server used should be OGC compliant.
On the Geoserver (version 2.0.1) site it shows OGC certified but when i come to OGC site(i.e opengeospatial.org) i am not able to see the Geoserver in the certified list.
Can some one please help me to find it out if latest version of Geoserver (i.e. Geoserver 2.0.1) is OGC certified for WCS,WFS (and WFS-T) and WMS or not?
If not then which was last version that is OGC certified for above mentioned services.

Thanks and Regards