Capitalization of Parameter in OperationsMetadata


To me it's not clear how certain Paremeter names should be advertized in the Capabilities document of a CSW 2.0.2 conforming to CSW ISO Application Profile 1.0.

The general specification OpenGIS® Catalogue Services Specification (OGC 07-006r1) uses lowerCamelCase names for Parameters, but is not very explicit how to advertize the names in the Capabilities. The OpenGIS® Catalogue Services Specification 2.0.2 -ISO Metadata Application Profile 1.0 (OGC 07-045) uses UpperCamelCase in some examples.

For example, the value in the XML attribute name in the element csw:Capabilities/ows:OperationsMetadata/ows:Operation/ows:Parameter (leaving out namespace declaration for convenience) is shown in Capabilities as typeName in general CSW and TypeName in ISO AP 1.0.

I assume that examples are not leading and that the lowerCamelCase notation is to be used, but is there anyone who can confirm or clarify this?
Have others come across this? (For me it occurred when running automated tests using the teamengine of GDI-DE.)

Thijs Brentjens

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Capitalization of Parameter in OperationsMetadata


Geonovum is an OGC Member. You might better ask thus question directly of the OGC Members that developed the ISO Profile for CS-W. Once you have an answer, you could then publish the answer to the OGC forum. If you need contact emails, please let me know.