WFS GetFeature validation fails - which xsd is used?

I am currently running the CITE tests on our WFS implementation. The response for the GetFeature request (HTTP GET) does not validate; the message is:
[code] Validation error:
cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'sw:ogc_wfs_test.PRIMITIVEGEOFEATURE'. One of '{"":_Feature}' is expected.
1 validation error detected.

This looks like validation is performed against the WFS schema while it [i]should[/i] be performed against the xsd which is referenced in the xsi:schemaLocation attribute of the wfs:FeatureCollection!

I have tried to modify the supplied wfs.xsd and added an import which references "our" xsd - and validation is carried out further! (But stops with a different error...)

In the scripts, I cannot find any hint about the contents of the xsi:schemaLocation attribute being used to retrieve an xsd. How can any WFS pass this validation if no distinct feature type is recognised?!?


WFS GetFeature validation fails - which xsd is used?

The features in the response to GetFeature should validate against the corresponding schema returned by DescribeFeatureType. For the test suite, your WFS needs to implement the schema for the test data exactly. You can't use your own featuretype names.