GML Validator

Hello all~

I'd like to implement a testing program for the GML standard.

I visited OGC website and read documents related compliance tests for GML, WFS, WMS and so on. For instance, OGC mentioned validations for GML 2.1.2 such as schema validation and instance validation.

However, I need [b]more specific conditions[/b] to implement a compliance testing program like OGC provide via website(ex>GML Validator).
I want more details such as the list of validation for GML compliance tests

Please help me~~

this post is a little bit

this post is a little bit old... but would like to up this post because like BL.Hwang, I would like also to create a local GML validator as desktop application using Java.
Please guide me on the following:
1) what is the appropriate XML parser library? (what do you think using Xerces?)
2) what is the appropriate Geometric checking library or class to use to ease the checking?
※Geometric checking: e.g. point is out of range, polygon but it is not, multiple point in one coordinates.

GML Validator

OGC does not yet have a formal compliance program for GML validation. This is why there is no certification available from OGC for GML. Therefore, we can only provide informal advice on how you might go about developing a GML validator. At this point, the GML schema along with the GML standards documents, provide the only normative rules that must be followed by valid GML profiles and instance documents, so any work you do should be based on compliance with those documents.