prevent user from selecting individual layers


This is my first post, and I am very new to WMS (started with it around 3 days ago). As most of you know, when users connect to a WMS they have the ability to bring in whatever layers they want (i.e. "LayerA", "LayerB", etc.). So, when they connect to WMS service in say ArcGIS, or whatever, the available layers are presented that can be brought in.

However, I don't want to allow them to do that. That is, when they connect, I want them to see all the layers, and not have the option to turn a layer on or off. So, in the example above, when they connect, both "LayerA" and "LayerB" are in the image that is returned.

I have tried to modify my XML by saying something like:

but I can't figure out how to set things up so the user does not have the option of turning a layer off.

prevent user from selecting individual layers

Most WMS implementations will allow you to group data layers into a single WMS layer. However, if you do this you probably will not have an option to show all the underlying layer names to the user. If you want to do that, you'll need to do client-side coding to take away the ability for the user to change the visibility setting of the layer.