Creating a URN phenomenon_id

Good afternoon,

I'm a student and i'm trying to deploy a SOS server as an end-of-career project. The part of the deployment is done and the server is reachable with an HTTP petition using a browser [i](i. e. Firefox).[/i] But reading the specifications of the SOS, I have seen that the procedure table needs a procedure_id parameter.

First of all, I thought that this parameter could be named by myself, so I named it as lightReadins (because I have two SunSPOT sensors that mesure light or temperature and I'm using light measurements at this time).

But after checking some documentation, I read that this parameter has to be named as an URN specified by the OGC. Something like:


I have read that the three parts of this URN are statical, I mean, they mustn't be changed, and the three lasts part could be written and specified by the developer.

But the developer, me (:S), does [b]*NOT*[/b] know what to put in there! My intention is to have a URN like this (not knowing if its correct):


So...[u]what should I put instead of X's and Y's? Could someone link me to a document where I can see how to proceed?[/u] I haven't found one by myself.

[u]Or even could someone write a brief tutorial in here? [/u]

Thanks in advance to all! :D


Creating a URN phenomenon_id

Thanks for your help, Creed!

Actually I'm on holidays. When I came home I'll check all this stuff!


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Creating a URN phenomenon_id

Check here:

and here (example XML)

Hope this help!

If not, let me know.