DescribeSensor: combining sensors

Hi, why is it not possible to use multiple sensors/procedures in one DescribeSensor request?

If I understand it correctly I would need to issue 1 request per sensor that I want to describe? Which is a bit inefficient if the only purpose you have is to map the locations of the sensors. Or is there another preferred way to do this?


DescribeSensor: combining sensors


Afaik, this was a deliberate design decision at the time of writing the SOS 1.0 specification. If a DescribeSensor request with multiple sensors was sent to the service, and the service does not recognize all of the sensor identifiers, it would need to raise an exception. However, that is doable as SPS 1.0 shows (see DescribeTasking operation) - you could just raise an exception listing the unknown sensors.

So afaic, this is a valid feature request. We are currently working on the next version of the DescribeSensor operation for SWE services. In addition to supporting a request for the sensor description(s) which was (were) valid at (during) a given point in time (time interval), we will discuss your question in the standards working group.

Right now the location of the sensor is usually found in the sensor description. For in-situ sensors this is quite easy, for moving sensors it depends on which information is provided by the sensor description (e.g., in SensorML you could have a process chain that provides the location(s) for a given time (interval)).