Catalog Service Client PHP

Hello everyone,

just got a little problem implementing a CSW-Client in PHP.

I got a CSW-Server (geonetwork-opensource v2.2.0) and my intention is to code a CSW-Client.

As far as i know my CSW-Client can connect to this server an send data to it (e.g. my WFS has some metadata about lakes in central europe).
And there's the Problem: HOW do i to that?

The whole internet wouldn't tell me how i can send data via PHP to my CSW-Server.

Is there ANYBODY who can help me? I am going crazy ... feeling so stupid :(

Greetings !

How to add a CRS to an eXcat CSW?

eXcat has a nice administration client with the ability to just add xml documents, but if I have a CRS, how should i format it such that eXcat will recognize it as such?

Catalog Service Client PHP

Thank you, this thing is working really great! Just implementated it into my CSW-Client.

Now the next Problem: Does ANYBODY know a CSW-Server? I want to test my Client, but i could find NOWHERE a "real thing". Just want to test some things like GetCapabilities, DescribeRecord etc.

Simple CSW client by eXcat

Hang on there!

The Dutch Geospatial Data Service Center (GDSC) hosts eXcat's simple CSW AJAX/PHP-based client at [url][/url].

You can download the source which uses a bunch of JavaScript libraries and a PHP proxy to parse requests and responses. I learned a lot from looking at the code.

I was able to make it work with deegree's CSW server ([url][/url]). It works well with "dataset" records but has issues with OGC/ISO compliant "service" records. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with some XML transformations.

I use the eXcat client for internal testing but I am not sure I have the permissions to disseminate my modified version.