GML 3 Bezier


I have a question about GML 3 Bezier Curves.

I've worked with Bezier Curves for a while and now want to store my data in GML, now my question.

What are the knots in the type Bezier and why do I exactly need two of them ??

How the Values of the Knots are calculated ?

I want to store a cubic bezier curve.

thanks for your help


GML 3 Bezier

sorry for my late answer.

Would be nice to have more information about the curves.

Thanks, markus

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GML 3 Bezier

Marcus -

I believe that the encoding grammar in GML for Bezier curves is based on ISO 19107. As I am on travel, I do not have access to that document right now. When I return home I can provide the information you are requesting.