Are OWS SOAP/WSDL/UDDI compliant?

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and what about current OWS? Are OWS SOAP/WSDL/UDDI compliant? Thank you.

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Are OWS SOAP/WSDL/UDDI compliant?

Christina -

OWS Common provides guidance, best practice, and mandatory guidance on common elements that are used in all OGC web service standards. For example, on how to correctly use KVP, URNs, and HTTP. As such, the OWS Common is not specifically compliant with KVP, HTTP - or SOAP, WSDL and so forth.

The next version of OWS Common will provide guidance on how to define SOAP and WSDL profiles of any OGC web service standard. As to UDDI, the OGC community has much greater focus on RegRep as the preferred approach for defining and implementing registries.