Using Rule for symbols at different scales.

Hello All,
I am working on a project and I need to draw a grid in it. The grid is line symbol and as I zoom-in, I need to increase the number of lines drawn. I am using different [i]Rules[/i] at different levels and using [i]setMinScaleDenominator[/i] and [i]setMaxScaleDenominator[/i] to set the scale denominators. But when I zoom-in a different [i]Rule[/i] is applied, but on a different symbol that the list inside [i]Rule[/i] returns. So what is happening here is that I am UNABLE to accomplish this task :(
Following is the link for [i]Rule[/i] that I am using -
My project is not in Java, its in C++, but I am following GeoAPI. I need to finish this as soon as possible. Please advice if I am following the right path. Also, If there is anything more in the API that I am missing do let me know.

Thanks in advance...

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Using Rule for symbols at different scales.

Apologies for not having responded. Have you solved this problem?