Geospatial Semantic Web


Are there any new work of OGC at semantic Web front, specifically at the extension to the "Geospatial Semantic Web Interoperabiity Report"

Çetin Cömert, Ph.D.

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Geospatial Semantic Web

Cetin -

The OGC has a Geosemantics Working Group. Presentations by OGC members on geosemantics are presented at each OGC meeting in this Working Group. I just listened to a presentation:

Geospatial ontologies, registries and semantic services - experiences from the SWING project by Philippe Duchesne, ERDAS, Belgium, Arne J. Berre, SINTEF, Norway and Sven Schade, University of Muenster, Germany.

Many OGC members are working various aspects of the semantics issues.

Currently, there has not been any additional work to the "Geospatial Semantic Web Interoperabiity Report".