Problem trying to filter spatial data

Hi all,

I must say before all that I have no experience about GIS. Now I have been droped as a parachute in this WFS stuff and I should apologize in advance I a ask for things in a dummy way.

I am traying to get all the elements of a feature filtering with a box given its coordinates.

The XML code of the reques is this:







As you can see, I am filtering directly with the x and y coordinates attributes. If not, the whole set of elements in feature are returned.
But I think this is absurd, I should be able to retrive data without kowing the spatial atributes. Am I wrong?

I have tried with , , etc, but always returns the entire set of the layer.

Any idea about? Help will be really apreciated.

Problem trying to filter spatial data


Can you provide the URL for the WFS you are testing against?

- Jeff