Pointers to GALEON Client and Server Implementations

Pointers to GALEON Client and Server

Pointers to GALEON WCS Client and Server Implemenations

Draft assembled by Ben Domenico from GALEON Phase 1 Reports
Last modified:

April 7, 2006


THREDDS Data Server: see http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/docs/WCS/index.html, especially "Notes for clients"

Client implementation not available yet.

U of Florence and IMAA-CNR



Java/Webstart implementation of a WCS 1.0 client (WCS Browser Lite), mainly to test our WCS-G server prototype (see above). WCS Browser Lite features include: SOAP and HTTP bindings support, netCDF and ncML-GML format support.

WCS Browser Lite:

  • Known bugs: exceptions in GUI controls for time and range set subsetting; grid/rectified grid subsetting is not implemented; envelope subsetting on 3rd dimension (and over) is not implemented; sporadic verification errors on Webstart launch
  • URL: http://zeus.pin.unifi.it/projects/wcsClientLite/

International U of Bremen (IUB)

IUB is researching on services for large multidimensional rater data, based on the rasdaman raster server which maintains n-D raster data in standard relational databases and gives access via rasql, a raster-extended SQL.

Sample WCS Requests
• The core URL of the service, leading to an overview page, is: http://mango.eecs.iu-bremen.de:8000/~galeon


RSI have implemented a netCDF to GeoTiff conversion interface using the Java netCDF libraries. The atmospheric levels (z-levels) of the data are represented by the bands of the GeoTiff data.

There is a tutorial on http://ms.gis.umn.edu:8081/ms_plone/docs/howto/WCSServerFormatHowTo/howto_view describing how to serve temporal ranges of netCDF data using MapServer WCS.

GDET is a pure IDL Web Coverage Service client, support the operations getCapabilities, describeCoverage, and getCoverage. It supports the subsetting of data via the temporal, band, and parameter axes. In addition the returned data (if temporal) can be animated, and scientific analyses (profiles, interpolation functions) can be performed.

RSI Boulder (Louie Genduso) is testing a second RSI WCS client. A draft report of experiences with that client is given at: http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/projects/THREDDS/GALEON/Reports/GALEONReportRSIboulder.htm


SIS (Spatial Information System) is a WCS client, using GDAL (www.gdal.org) for processing returned netCDF and other raster results.

  • July 2005: Client tested with rudimentary WCS netCDF services
  • February 2006: Further client testing: CadcorpReport


George Mason University WCS client and server implementations are part of a project called GeoBrain which has a full suite of products implementing OGC protocols.  The GeoBrain product information link:


NERC (Natural Environment Research Council)

NERC is the UK Natural Environment Research Council, and is undertaking various threads of WCS-related activity.

NERC DataGrid has implemented a basic Mapserver WCS, with NetCDF converted to GMT grid format prior to serving. Tested successfully with RSI and CadCorp's WCS clients. Available at:


In collaboration with the Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing, has developed a standalone WCS server providing arbitrary slicing through four dimensional data volumes. The architecture is intended to allow various back-end data sources to be plugged, with the initial implementation supporting OPeNDAP; thus the prototype server is in effect an OPeNDAP->WCS bridge. The prototype is available at (and includes a static list of sample URLs):


Also developing WCS interfaces to netCDF as part of a project to deliver environmental web services (www.dews.org.uk).

The NERC GALEON report provides greater detail.

Washington University (DataFed)

The Washington University in St. Louis WCS Client link;


The Washington University in St. Louis WCS Server link:


Under Construction


test client



Participating initially as an observer, but would like to implement Java MyWorld as WCS client if resources can be found.


Have direct access to netCDF files in beta release of client. Access via WCS under study.

Texas A&M University

Currently "Observer" while waiting for our legal folk to work their way through the paperwork.

Mapserver as test client

We will implement a WCS server using Mapserver shortly, probably serving Level II radar data from a selected group of sites.

THREDDS server with SCOOP data subset (Level II radar, TAMU MM5 products) soon.