Different Results with TEAM Engine and CITE Engine

I tested Geoserver with both TEAM Engine and CITE Engine for WFS 1.0.0 standard and got different results. To be more specific, for example for test "DescribeFeatureType/get/5" Geoserver passes the test under CITE Engine but fails under TEAM Engine. Log file for the test under TEAM Engine is listed below :

Test wfs:test1.0.0-basic-describefeaturetype-get-5 (s0005/w6ac25b3b9d177b1_1)

Assertion: When a wfs:DescribeFeatureType request is made with a single TypeName, the result document must be an GML XML schema document that describes the specified feature type.


Request w6ac37b9b1b1_1:
Method: get
Response from parser ::


Result: Failed

I couldn't solve why the test failed under TEAM engine.
Thanks in advance...

Different Results with TEAM Engine and CITE Engine

I am having the same issues, though I did not test under the CITE engine. In fact, in looking at most of my test results, there are many tests for WFS that are successful that are marked as failed. Have not tried the WFS 1.1 test yet though.

Different Results with TEAM Engine and CITE Engine

Actually, I checked my schema too using GML Validator, as well as xmllint and jing but no errors were reported.

This :

or this :

Validation failed either way with TEAM engine.

Besides, tests pass with TEAM Engine for WFS 1.1.0 but fail with WFS 1.0.0.

Different Results with TEAM Engine and CITE Engine

Hi Chuck, I tried to validate the schema I mentioned in my message with the schema validator you have mentioned. The result is "No errors reported".
It seems that the schema is validated. You can easily copy paste the "response from parser" part into an xml file, put it somewhere and give the url to the parser. I think there is something different going on here....

Different Results with TEAM Engine and CITE Engine

There appear to be some false positives when it comes to schema validation with the old CITE engine. It is unfortunate that the TEAM Egnine GML validator component doesn't log errors, but you may be able to determine why the validation is failing by using the standalone GML 2.1.2 validator at [url]http://cite.opengeospatial.org/test_engine/gml/2.1.2/validator/[/url]

- Chuck

Different Results with TEAM Engine and CITE Engine

Hi, I have exactly the same problem... I'm developping a WFS server and all tests for the 1.0.0 passed with the CITE Engine whereas describeFeatureType tests failed with the TEAM Engine, more precisely, tests which return a schema failed, those which return a service Exception Report passed. I've the same type of output as Tarkan, the only message is "Result : failed" so it isn't easy to debug...

If anyone have ideas why the test passes with CITE Engine and not with the TEAM Engine, they're welcomed!

Thanks in advance