Styling TriangulatedSurfaces

Hello List!

In my current project we have the need to visualize GML3-TriangulatedSurface's as Isolines and Iso'areas'.

As we are already using SLD to style everything else, it would be very nice to use SLD to encode the styling of the Surface.

However, this is not (yet?) considered in the current SLD (resp. SE) specification. Although the RasterSymbolizer at least defines a ColorMap (that is necessairy to define which Isolines have to be produced), it lacks the styling of the lines/areas so it cannot be misused for that purpose.

Does anybody know if someone has already made such an extension to SLD/SE or if there is ongoing work in that direction?

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Styling TriangulatedSurfaces

I will check.

However, slightly related, CityGML is using X3D for specifying the rendering rules for textured surfaces.