The Feature & Grahpic issue in GeoAPI.

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How to transfer a Feature object to a Graphic object?
The detail is:
When you implement the GeoAPI's map display module, all geographic object are stored as objects of Feature. But, when you want to display a map, you should add a Graphic object ot a canvas. The trouble is that i hold a collection of features, how can i transfer those features to graphics? And when i select a graphic on the canvas, how can i know which feature was selected according to the graphic?

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The Feature & Grahpic issue in GeoAPI.

A couple of thoughts from OGC members:

"I would suggest to post your question on the GeoAPI public mailing list, which is reasonably active (about 3 emails/day). Peoples need to subscribe before they can post (we were forced to require that for blocking spams):

Just realized that the "archive" link is broken. The correct link is

Note: GeoAPI has been quite active lately. We are in process of revisiting the API (most significant changes are in metadata and features or filter I believe) and we would like to submit the proposed changes to the OGC meeting to be held in Paris this summer, for a vote. If there is some issues that you would like to revisit in GeoAPI, the timming is good for submitting your issue on the mailing list :)"


The following is provided as clarification of proper terminology and the relationship (from OGC perspective) in terms of "feature" and "styling"

"In generating a presentation one should distinguish between objects of the presentation (e.g. graphic objects) and objects which describe the geography (the world). Feature objects are to model the world

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The Feature & Grahpic issue in GeoAPI.

I do not know the answer to your question.

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