gml:Null depreciated?

I just noticed in the GML3.2 that the gml:Null has the status depreciated.
It looks like it has been partly replaced with the "gml:NilReasonType"

[i]Why is this type depreciated?[/i]

The reason I ask this is gml:doubleOrNull is being used in our schema.
It seams to be replaced with gml:doubleOrNilReason without keeping a depreciated gml:doubleOrNull.
I hope this is not purely a cosmetic change.


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gml:Null depreciated?

Apologies for a VERY late response to your question.

While I do not know the answer to your question, GML 3.2 IS NOT an approved OGC standard nor has the document you are referencing moved to IS status in ISO.

The currerntly approved OGC version of GML is 3.1.1.