What is the GML 3D equivalent of a Cuboid(a cuboid is also called rectangular box, hexahedron, or rectangular cube)

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There are a couple of options. Depends on what your application is.

First, however, understand that GML does not explicity define/ennumerate every possible geometry. For example, a solid is built up from a collection of related surfaces. So, what you need to do, for example, is look at gml:SurfaceType, gml:Surface and then see how this is related to 10.2.3 3-dimensional geometric primitives, specifically "solids". A solid is the basis for 3-dimensional geometry. The extent of a solid is defined by the boundary surfaces (shells). A shell is represented by a composite surface, where every shell is used to represent a single connected component of the boundary of a solid.

Then there is also the GML capability to work with 2d and 3d topology. The conceptual model underlying the representation of topology in GML is that of Topic 1 of the OGC Abstract Specification (ISO 19107). The model describes the correspondence of topological and geometric relationships up to 3 dimensions