Relationship between Catalogue Service and Clearinghouse


I have some questions on relationship between OGC Catalogue Service and Clearinghouse of NSDI:

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Relationship between Catalogue Service and Clearinghouse

The OGC Catalogue Interface Specification is agnostic to the application environment. As such, catalogue are clearinghouse are not equivalent. A clearinghouse application may or may not provide support for using the OGC Catalogue Interface specification. However, if one wishes to implement an interoperable approach to providing consistent client access to a clearinghouse, then using an application profile of Catalogue is an excellent approach. As you may know, the Catalogue 2.0.1 specification provides rules for implementing a variety of profiles. These profiles include support for Z39.50 via the HTTP interface protocol. OGC members are also working on approval of two aditional profiles: ISO 19115/19119 and ebRIM. Both of these application profiles will be approved later this year.

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