Map of OGC Members, using Web Mapping Service

members OGC Corporate members
member quotes OGC Website Quotation
  Click on a yellow dot or red star to see the OGC member names and testimonial quotes on the OGC Website. Click the +/- buttons to zoom in and out on the map. Drag to pan the map.

About the Map

This map shows three layers using the Leaflet web mapping client.

  • All OGC Corporate members and the location of users that we use for quotations on the OGC Website are displayed on Mapbox's tiles of OpenStreetMap data.
  • The OGC members and Quotations layers are retrieved using the OGC(R) Web Mapping Service (WMS) protocol.
  • WMS is implemented with Geoserver, an OGC WMS reference implementation

Using the OGC web services

The OGC members and quotations data set may be accessed via the WMS or Web Feature Service protocols using these endpoints:

Note: The above URLs are to be used by OWS service clients. Without additional parameters, these URLs will return exceptions.