GEOSS Workshops with GWS Demonstrations

The Workshop Series :“The User and the GEOSS Architecture”

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When Where Conference OGC Lead Demo Theme
July 2005 Seoul, Korea IGARSS05 GMU Tsunami recovery
October 2005 South Africa AfricaGIS CSIR Wildfire response
May 2006 Beijing, China FIEOS U. Nottingham Wind Energy
July 2006 Corsica, France ISEIM U. Nottingham Wind Energy
July 2006 Denver, US IGARSS06
GMU & Wash Univ. Air Quality
Sept 2006 Goa, India ISPRS Comm IV UCL Disease spread by flooding
November 2006 Santiago, Chile GSDI-9 CIESIN Poverty Reduction
April 2007 Hawaii, USA IEEE System of Systems (SoS) CSIRO SoS for GEOSS
June 2007 San Jose, Costa Rica
ISRSE Univ of New Mexico Sustainable Agriculture
July 2007 Barcelona, Spain IGARSS07 Washington Univ.

Biodiversity in Mediterranean

August 2007 Yellowknife, Canada IPY GeoNorth Compusult, CIESIN,IMAA-CNR

Biodiversity in Polar Regions

September 2007 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso AfricaGIS2007   Water and Health
September 2007 Boulder, CO, USA
OGC TC Plenary NERC, CIESIN, IMAA-CNR Regional Decisions for Climate Change
July 2008 Beijing, China XXI ISPRS Congress GEOSS Pilot Air Quality and Human Health
July 2008 Boston, MA, USA IGARSS 2008 OGCii Air Quality and Coastal Ecosystems
October 2008 Accra, Ghana AARSE2008 ESRI, 52North, OSGeo GEOSS Interoperability and
Applications to Water
Security & Governance
December 2008 Valencia, Spain OGC TC Plenary   GEOSS Architecture

GEOSS Workshop Series

This series of GEOSS workshops is focused on how the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) architecture can meet user needs. The workshops provide a forum for addressing benefits and challenges of advanced global information system implementation for societal benefits. IEEE in conjunction ISPRS and OGC are proud to present a series of workshops geared to support the continuing effort to effectively organize and distribute remote sensing information in a way that benefits people around the world. These workshops are free and we invite your participation.

GWS Demonstrations in the GEOSS Workshop Series

Each workshop contains a demonstration of the GEOSS approach to architecture based on open, international standards for interoperability. OGC members develop and demonstrate a scenario relevant to the workshop theme using OGC standards.

Lessons Learned from GWS Demonstrations

•Tremendous enthusiasm and commitment of agencies and research groups to collaborate
•Demo provides a fast-track to skills development and knowledge transfer.
•GEOSS application-specific demos are a great way to engage with user communities that would not necessarily look to OGC standards.
•Live demo is “probably” not the best means of communication – targeted descriptive piece should accompany presentation which may be pre-recorded demo
•Communication networks are not reliable at workshops
•Need clear message about using distributed components with open standards, vs., standalone application
•Demo needs to be “persistent

Organizations leading GWS Demonstrations

CSIR - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (ZA)
CIESIN - Center for International Earth Science Information Network (US)
GMU - George Mason University (US)
U. Nottingham - University of Nottingham (UK)
UCL - University College London (UK)
WashUniv - Washington University, St. Louis (US)

Conferences hosting GEOSS Workshops

IGARSS - IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium
FIEOS - Future Intelligent Earth Observing Satellites
ISEIM- International Symposium on Environmental Identities and Mediterranean Area
ISPRS - International Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing - Commission IV
AARSE - African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment
GSDI - Global Spatial Data Infrastrucure