NEWS: GeoPackage passes the OGC approval vote!

GeoPackage is a universal file format for geodata. It’s open, standards-based, application and platform independent, and self-describing. And since its built on top of SQLite, all you need to know is SQL to use GeoPackages on any desktop or mobile OS on the market.

GeoPackage deployment architecture

GeoPackage is the modern alternative to formats like SDTS and Shapefile. At it’s core, GeoPackage is simply a SQLite database schema. If you know SQLite, you are close to knowing GeoPackage. You get all the performance of a spatial database along with the convenience of a file-based data set that can be emailed, shared on a USB drive or burned to a DVD.

GeoPackage was carefully designed this way to facilitate widespread adoption and use of a single simple file format by both commercial and open-source software applications — on enterprise production platforms as well as mobile hand-held devices.

Great for Mobile

Mobile device users who require map/geospatial applications and operate in disconnected or limited network connectivity environments are challenged by not having open, available geospatial data to support these applications.

Further challenging mobile device users are the limited storage available and the likelihood that each map/geospatial application will require its own potentially proprietary geospatial data store.

These separate application-specific data stores may contain the same geospatial data, wasting the limited storage available, and requiring custom applications for data translation, replication, and synchronization to enable different apps to share the same world view.

Great for cross-platform sharing

In addition, many existing geospatial data stores are platform-specific, which means that users with different platforms must translate data to share it.

GeoPackage is built upon SQLite, and can therefore be used easily by a broad spectrum of software developers in a consistent way on every major mobile and desktop platform in the market. Adding GeoPackage support to an app can be done by any SQL-savvy programmer. Geo-specific features do depend upon extensions to SQLite you can get from libgpkg, or build yourself using the standard SQL API.


Key Information

The Websphere

Sample GeoPackages

Sample Software

  • Luciad GeoPackage Viewer: To support the OGC OWS-9 project, Luciad has developed a viewer for Android that enables visualization of data following the OGC GeoPackage standard. The Luciad OGC GeoPackage Viewer is made available free of charge.
  • libgpkg courtesy of Luciad: libgpkg is a small C library that allows developers to easily read/write GeoPackage compliant SQLite files. The library only depends on SQLite. Luciad is pleased to announce they are making this base geopackage library available to the entire community as an open-source library. Our hope is that by releasing this library we can help in making geopackage a widely adopted format within the geo community.
  • GDAL support: Contribute to building support for GeoPackage in GDAL here.


  • Coming soon!


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Show off your GeoPackage-powered mobile apps at the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley's Innovation Showcase at CTIA 2013

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