Event Notifications

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OWS-7 Dynamic Sensor Notification Engineering Report (10-061r1)

Johannes Echterhoff, Ingo Simonis

This document is applicable to scenarios where moving sensors need to be tracked and their entry into an area of interest needs to be detected. The document presents a detailed discussion of different approaches for encoding tracked object position. Two approaches for implementing dynamic sensor tracking and notification are described, one based on the Sensor Alert Service specification and the other based on the Sensor Event Service specification. An overview of standards and specifications relevant for and related to dynamic sensor tracking and notification is provided.

OWS 7 Engineering Report - Geosynchronization service (10-069r2)

Panagiotis (Peter) A. Vretanos

This candidate standard describes a service that allows data collectors to propose changes to be made to a data provider's features. A change proposal can be made to create new data or to modify/delete existing data. Proposed changes are reviewed (either manually or automatically) an are either accepted or rejected. Accepted changes are applied to the feature(s). The service also maintains a log of all changes applied to each feature that can be used for replication.

OGC OWS-6-AIM Engineering Report (09-050r1)

Hans Schoebach

This report establishes a baseline for the technical architecture, its alternatives and issues for implementing the use cases as specified in the OWS-6 AIM thread RFQ including the temporal WFS supporting the temporal FE 2.0 operators, the Event Service Notification architecture and the client EFBs.

OWS-6 SWE Event Architecture Engineering Report (09-032)

Thomas Everding, Johannes Echterhoff

The document describes an abstract event architecture for service oriented architectures. Furthermore various techniques for implementing an event architecture and working with events are discussed.